New CSGO experience

Several Kinds of Matching Mode for Differnet Gamers, Even Friends System and Team System Provided

Independent Research for Anti-Cheat System
CSGO Dymanic Anti-Cheat System, Real Time Analyse the Illigal Process, Plenty ways to Ban the Cheaters
Professional ELO Rating Matching System
Using Internaltional ELO Rating and CSGO's Special RWS, Create blance ELO Rating System
Real Time Datas Coungting System
Record all Kinds of Statistics for every round, Check User and others' state conviniently

5EWIN Anti-Cheat System

Program Checking Dymanicly, User Complain and Report Function, Serious Punishment

5EWIN ELO Rating System

Real Time Recording CSGO ELO Rating and Game Statistics, Keep You Fighting in CSGO Unstoppable!

Surprises for You

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